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Marigold is a Group which follows it 's true passions and delivers perfection in every sphere it is committed to.

About Us

The Customer is King: Tried & Tested Policy for Centuries now, We follow the Same. Which ever the project or task at hand, we are honest in our endeavors to bring out the best in Feasibility, Taste, Artistry & Magnificence . We give our best for all.


Based on the ever growing and perennial opportunity provider; the internet, we have the following services by which we bring Joy to many, Revenues to many more & Happy tummies for many many more. Yes we are the best people to be with! }

Pebble Solutions
Software Solutions

Entwining Art & Solution; that's what we do here. Web & Software Solutions for every requirement, whether it be a Challenging Business Impediment or an uncomplicated Company Identity, vital online.

Ayus & Veda
Ayurvedic portal

The perfect way of life is much nearer when our health is smiling well. Ayus & Veda offers to Lessen the Pains, Shed Light on the Maladies and assure Wellness of the Body & Mind, all aided by the Veda of Life:

Medical Coding and Billing

Alacrity is a specialized entity in providing customer focused Health Information Management and Coding Services


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